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…Showcasing the work of Robert E. Bauer. All photos are available for
sale. Please see the sales tab for pricing and information. Feel free to address any
comments, questions, or concerns to reb@robertbauerphotography.com


Robert Bauer has been shooting photographs since 2006. He started shooting
black an white film, and then shot color film in high school. Then, Robert
began to shoot digital, occasionally shooting a roll of film. Currently, Robert
shoots exclusively digital and uses a Canon Rebel xTi, with either an 18-55mm
lens, or a 75-300mm lens. He primarily shoots landscapes and nature, attempting
to capture the peace, beauty, and simplicity he finds there.

Robert is currently a student at Cal Poly Pomona, and is perusing a bachelor’s
degree in mechanical engineering. Although Robert spends much of his time doing
schoolwork, he still enjoys camping and backpacking in his free time. He continues
to shoot every chance he gets, and plans to continue taking photographs after college.


If you are interested in purchasing a print, please review the information below,
and e-mail you request to: Sales@RobertBauerPhotography.com

Photos can be made to any print size and matt size requested, up to 16”x20” print
and any size matt. Typical print sizes are 8”x10”, 11”x16”, and 16”x20”. Inkjet
prints are made on Epson Premium Luster Photopaper, and matted with off-white
Bainbridge matt board. Special requests can be made, including a different color
matt, archival paper, or multiple mattes. Any photo can be ordered with or without
a frame. Prints are framed with commercially available frames, although a specific
frame can be requested.

For a pricing reference, an 11x16 print, matted to 16x20, and framed costs about $100.
Please note that special requests will affect the price.

To request a price estimate, or to make a purchase, please e-mail Sales@RobertBauerPhotography.com
and include 1) print size 2) matt size 3) if you would like a frame 4) if you have any
special requests and 5) any comments or concerns or questions you may have.


Robert Bauer
Los Angeles,California